Mobile Ethnography

With Mobile Ethnography we put the consumers in charge of sharing their true, raw, in the moment needs, behaviour & experiences .

Quantitative Research

Through online surveys we are able to quantify attitudes, behaviors, drivers & barriers - and identify size of different consumer segments

Engaging Insight Delivery

Our visual methodologies enables deep understanding of the consumer perspective of things, and material for your creative process

Case Inspiration

Get inspired by how other brand owners, creative agencies and researchers have used Mobile Ethnography as part of their base for strategy, design and communication

More inspiration

Methodologies, Research Trends and useful Tips & Tricks

Clients & Partners

We work with a mix of brand owners, brand agencies, start-ups and individual consultants. To some we are a full-service research partner, who performs their research and analysis. To others we are their supplier of research tools and their go to place for research advice and help during their own reserach projects.

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Stockholm, Sweden

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    Liveworks is a research agency located in Stockholm. Our main business is to support agencies and brand owners in the Nordics with visual and inspiring consumer insights for concept optimization, innovation and business growth.

    We work with a wide range of clients, from small start-ups to research agencies, brand agencies and large brands. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your current needs, big or small!

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    Give us a call at +46709558551 or visit us at Tomtebogatan 5 in Stockholm