Online Beauty Shop

Online Beauty Shop

Aiming to become the optimal beauty destination

As an online beauty shopping brand was planning for a total re-branding process, Liveworks was engaged to dig into how women really shop for beauty products online.
With the help of Mobile Ethnography, we were able to join 30 women and their shopping journeys – that really starts in front of the mirror. What do they want to achieve? What product do they use to try to achieve this? What are their challenges? What IS beauty? Where do they look for inspiration? Where and how do they shop and why? What should be offered at the most optimal beauty destination online in the future?

Not only did we learn a lot of how women reason and why, we identified 6 very different and distinctive consumer segements. Insights and size and value of the identified segments were confirmed though a quantitative survey.and offered a significant module to the strategy work moving forward.

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