New Premium Snacks

New Premium Snacks

To be able to create an attractive product within the premium snack segment, a snack brand decided to involve their target audience. Collaboration between researchers and consumers has become increasingly important in marketing research. By involving consumers in the research process, businesses can gain deeper insights into their needs, preferences, and pain points. Co-creation allows companies to develop innovative solutions in collaboration with their target audience, fostering customer loyalty and generating new product ideas.

8*With a lot of competitors of both  established and new brands already in the premium segment, a new product launch had to stand out. What would be the optimal product, flavours, pack format and the best way to use their brand assets and cues?

With a combination of Mobile Etnography and focus groups, we could collect really interesting insights about what there is a demand for as well as identify potential 9white spots for new innovations.

We started out with mobile ethnography, where snacks consumers could evaluate the assortment in store and later visualise typical occasions where a premium product is typically selected.
In the focus groups we discussed pack design, snacks formats, taste and texture, visual aspects, servings and interesting flavours.

Based on this research, a new range of premium products was launched, and has been a successful addition to the rest of the brand’s assortment.

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