Mobile Ethnography

Let consumer stories come to life!


Get to know Mobile Ethnography

1. What is Mobile Ethnography?

Ethnography means observing consumers in a natural environment, allowing you to gain  understanding of their needs, behavior, values and experiences.

With Mobile Ethnography, consumers use their smartphone to document their perspective of things, based on tasks you give them in an app.

2. What can Mobile Ethnography be used for?

Mobile Ethnography is the most effective way to collect consumer insights from all steps of a customer journey, It is also used for UX research, In home usage tests, consumer diaries and for pre-tasks prior to focus-groups.*

3. What is the advantage with Mobile Ethnography compared to focus groups?

The top 5 advantages are:

  1. You get raw, in.the moment needs,actions, pains and drivers, not only what consumers remember afterwards in an interview
  2. You will catch things you did not think of asking,since consumers will report their perspective with thir own words
  3. You get the visuals through photos from the consumers, which adds a lot of understanding
  4. You can scale the research cost -and time effectively, since you don¨t spend time interviewing or observing.
  5. All the visual material makes a more engaging report, and inspiration in workshops and a creative process

4. What is the process working with Mobile Ethnography?

  1. Define tasks and send to pre-recruited consumers
  2. .Watch consumer uploads in real-time
  3. Analyze and make the report

5. Is Mobile Ethnography expensive?

Mobile Ethnography is a cost – and time efficient methodology. At the same time you gain truly valuable insights not possible to collect in other ways.

6. What is the project time for  Mobile Ethnography research?

From only a couple of days up to 5 weeks depending on the need of insight

7.  How can I get started with a mobile ethnography study?

Give us a call or send us a message and we will suggest the best set-up for your needs. If you are looking for a tool to set-up your own research, visit to give it a go! 

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