Food Shopping During Recession

Food Shopping During Recession

Saving Money

During hardship it’s natural that people try to save by taking advantage of coupons, sales, generics and large sizes.

When a dairy brand contacted us, they already new a lot about the more obvious actions families make to save.
What they wanted to research was more about how families prioritize when they can´t buy and consume as normal, and what their brand could do to in terms of concepts, offers and deals that could meet the familie’s needs during this time.

With the help of Mobile Ethnography, we had 30 families share their food shopping behaviour, and how they were acting differently now compared to a normal period.

The families shared their bahaviour and experiences from different phases of the food week, from planning to shopping, cooking and special occasions or time for treats.

From this research we learned how comsumers changed their behaviour, how they prioritize and how they value products and offers. We also included a part where we collected feedback on presented concept ideas – with great product but that would save money.

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